ASID's Top 22 of 2022

Dear ASID members

What an honor It is to lead our dynamic interior design community into an exciting new year! In my initial months as the CEO of ASID, I have witnessed the great accomplishments that our organization and its members can achieve when we work together. As we kick off 2023, I’d like to celebrate the great strides made in 2022.

We’ve had some thrilling wins for designers’ rights through advocacy, received recognition as leaders in the field of research, and created some impressive programs and education offerings for member career enhancement and the advancement of the profession.

Here are a few highlights of what we can do in a year, when we all work in partnership to shine a spotlight on the practice of interior design!

ASID Improves Landscape for Interior Designers Nationwide

ASID’s Government and Public Affairs team represents interior designers in the fight for the profession and protection from legislative and regulatory threats:

  1. Wisconsin Follows in North Carolina’s Footsteps by Establishing a Historic Interior Design Practice Law [Wisconsin Act 195];
  2. ASID’s own Robin Stroebel was appointed to the new Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers, Professional Land Surveyors, and Registered Interior Designers
  3. Illinois Continues the Legislative Momentum by Passing Another Comprehensive Interior Design Practice Law [Illinois HB 4715];
  4. ASID endorses the “Improving Library and Museum Facilities” in the federal 2023 Appropriations Bill (p. 303); and
  5. ASID serves on the Steering Committee of the Healthy Workplaces Coalition which supports and advances federal policy aimed at helping businesses better afford and implement health and safety improvements in workplaces and across the built environment for the benefit of employees, customers, and the public.

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ASID’s Government and Public Affairs team also coordinates with other organizations to advance the profession by founding and leading an Interior Design Ethics Alliance (IDEA) Task Force that seeks to implement the first-ever North American Interior Design Codes of Ethics, Conduct, & Responsibility.

ASID Leads the Field with Industry Research

ASID is the leading provider of research on the critical trends and information on topics impacting the future of interior design, such as:

  1. ASID State of Interior Design
  2. ASID Trends Report
  3. ASID Economics Report


ASID Widely Recognized as Go-To Experts in Interior Design

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ASID Advances the Profession and Uplifts the Future of Design

ASID creates opportunities to bring the design community together and recognize bright new talent.

  1. ASID hosted GATHER, the National Conference by ASID in Miami, FL. 815 registrants joined us in Miami, FL for the inaugural event, along with 100 speakers and 215 learning opportunities.
  2. Celebrated more than 50 award winners from eight programs
  3. ASID and the ASID Foundation distributed over $50,000 in scholarships and awards to outstanding students and educators.
  4. ASID hosted nearly 100 design leaders from across the country at the ASID Design Summit in Sonoma, CA to focus on the challenges and opportunities facing the profession and to support the work of four ASID strategic committees:
    · Committee on Climate, Health, and Equity
    · persity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
    · IMPACT Network Committee
    · Committee on Adaptive Living


ASID Provides Career Enhancing Opportunities

We improve the professional body of knowledge for interior design through education and experiences provided to ASID Members and the design community.

  1. ASID Academy – ASID expanded its offering of free CEUs and other valuable learning resources for members, growing to over 15,000 active users.
  2. ASID Virtual Internship – The Summer 2022 Series provided independent, immersive learning experiences for over 192 students for the live webinars and 269 for the on-demand catalog of courses.
  3. GATHER 2022 – The National Conference by ASID provided nearly 100 learning opportunities from breakouts, workshops, pop-ups, and roundtables presented by nearly 90 subject matter experts.
  4. The Outcome of Design program CEU, “Designing for Measurable Impact,” debuted in March 2022 and reached over 700 attendees at various events throughout the year.
  5. ASID introduced Small Business Solutions, a suite of resources to help support interior designers’ businesses including a member retirement program, contracts, and educational offerings.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for ASID and the interior design community. We are already planning a variety of new offerings.

I would welcome your feedback and thoughts. You can contact me at

Wishing you a Happy New Year,


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Khoi Vo
ASID Chief Executive Officer
American Society of Interior Designers